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No child should be denied the opportunity for cure of their cancer if we have it within our capacity to cure their cancer simply by providing the resources and leveraging our alliances and our collective voice.

Eight out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer in western and developed nations are cured of the cancer.  In developing nations, 1-2 children out of 10 are cured of their cancer.  The healers around the world can create a chain of hope for these children and their families by providing the support needed to invest in a life-giving opportunity for medical change.

A child cancer survivor himself, Eugene Gasana, Jr. was the inspiration behind our creation of the Wish4Life Foundation.  Dedicated to replicating his survival for children around the world, we seek to change the way cancer care is delivered for children.  We seek to provide high-quality medical care to all children without distinction; attempting to equalize the cure rate around the world.

The success of our first pediatric cancer center in Ghana will be the catalyst for replicating this gift on four additional continents – 5 cancer centers in 5 continents.  All hearts inspired to provide excellence in childhood health care to all, are needed to invest in our state-of-the-art children cancer research center.  Your gift toward our first cancer center will be a gift that will continue to give, and will be an investment that will change the lives of children and communities for generations.  Touch the future when you support our children.

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Our Inspiration

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Our Founder

Our Approach

To offer a multi-pronged approach that will provide improvements in the quality of healthcare, infrastructure, education, patient/family empowerment and awareness.

Wish 4 Life has the following purposes:

  • To provide access to a comprehensive and sustainable supply of chemotherapeutic and supportive care medications critical to the delivery of curative therapy.
  • To support nutritional programs and empowerment initiatives to ensure the health and well-being of children undergoing cancer treatment.
  • To provide resources to advance infection control policies and procedures in compliance with international regulatory guidelines to minimize the risk of infection.
  • To provide infrastructure support for the development of state-of-the-art medical facilities to enhance the diagnostic capability and the treatment of children with cancer.
  • To provide access to medical expertise for the training of medical professionals regarding the care of children with cancer and their treatment.
  • To increase the awareness of pediatric cancer in the global community.


The principal philosophy is “Intellectual Philanthropy”, or the giving forward of professional knowledge, expertise, alliances and resources by the members and volunteers of the Foundation.

Contribute Today

We invite you to invest in the lives of children with cancer by helping us build a state-of-the-art children’s cancer research center in 5 continents, the first in Ghana, Africa.
Read more about the center.

We ask that you leverage your voice by donating $5 or a multiple thereof and asking your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.  Please give us their email addresses so we can send them a letter from you about the Foundation and our fundraising effort and thanking them.

Donate Today