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Our Manifesto

Love is defined by many things. One definition of love is giving unconditionally of oneself, humbling yourself to a person or people or a cause. We are part of a movement…a cause…an ensemble that has collectively chosen to reach out and do some of the most important work without pause but with major purpose. Children with cancer.

We come to you with our hearts open, our palms facing the sun, our feet in the soil, our love unconditional, our respect…massive. We are all from you. Where we journey will come from your guidance. How we get there will come from our collective path to want to heal our children, protect the family and learn from the experience. Taken away from these shores. Returning to learn, build, grow and share.

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Eight out of 10 children diagnosed with cancer in western and developed nations are cured of the cancer. In developing nations, 1-2 children out of 10 are cured of their cancer. The healers around the world can create a chain of hope for these children and their families by providing the support needed to invest in a life-giving opportunity for medical change. We seek to change the way cancer care is delivered for children.  We seek to provide high quality medical care to all children without distinction; attempting to equalize the cure rate around the world.

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Our Team

Voices for Life is made possible by a committed team of medical professionals and researchers, a multi-profession team of volunteers, and leading architectural design teams, Adjaye Associates and Jeffrey Berman Architect. Learn more about our team, our Board of Directors, and our Governance Policies in the link below.

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